Website Basics for Better SEO

The best time to start thinking about SEO is about the same time you decide you need a website … in fact it’s a must if you want your website to perform. Early planning and integrating good SEO practices from the beginning are imperative if you want your website to accomplish excellent results. Going online […]

Facebook for Small Business … understand the downside

Whilst many small business owners have taken to Facebook to promote their business … is it really the best platform to promote and endorse? For most … it’s quick … it’s easy … and it’s seen by the masses … and that’s all that matters as far as marketing is concerned. Little thought is put […]

Marketing on a Budget


All businesses should have some form of marketing strategy or tactic regardless of size … including the smallest of “Ma and Pa” operations. If you don’t you’re simply selling products and services that may, or may not, reach their intended target market, or run the risk of not being visible when compared to a competitor. […]

1000 Words in a Picture

As our lives become busier and more time constrained, there are common pleasures that we now have less time for. I can guess what some of you are thinking … but in this instance … I was referring to reading. As someone who is able to pick up a good magazine, book or rag and […]